- Circular Economy for the Waste Sector in South Africa - Building Climate Resilience through Ecosystem-based Adaptation Planning - Gender Equality and Human Rights in Climate Action and Renewable Energy - Mastering National Adaptation Plans: from Start to Finish - Introduction to Sustainable Finance - An Introduction to Climate Change and Human Rights - Introductory Course on Energy Efficient Ship Operation - Climate Change Negotiations and Health - Indicators for an inclusive green economy: Advanced course - Climate Change, Peace and Security: Understanding Climate-Related Security Risks - Integrating Climate Change in UNICEF’s Planning and Programming - Green Fiscal Policy - Green Economy and Trade - Indicators for an inclusive green economy: Introductory course - Climate Change: From Learning to Action - Integrating Climate Risk Information into NAPs - Fundamentals on REDD+ - Advancing on REDD+ - Introduction to Green Economy - Open Online Course on Gender and Environment - Sustainable Consumption and Production in Africa - Human Health and Climate Change

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