SAVF Belfast Children's Home

Volunteer Since 2010

SAVF Belfast Children's Home is situated in Belfast, Mpumalanga. SAVF Belfast Children's Home is a registered NPO. We are a centre that takes care of 214 children that were found to be in need of care and protection by court. The reasons for this ranges from abandonment, abuse (physically/sexually), neglect, trafficking, poverty, behavioral issue’s and then children that are orphaned. The ages range from 1 year to 20 years. We are the biggest CYCC in the Mpumalanga Province and one of the biggest in the province. In 2021 our 25th year of existence was celebrated. The SAVF (South African Women's Federation) was founded in 1904. The organization focused on poverty, unemployment, the aged and the care of children. Through the years, the SAVF established three children’s homes, of which Belfast Children’s Home is one. The Department of Social Services, Population and Development did a need assessment during 1994/1995. A need for a Children’s Home in Mpumalanga was identified. The SAVF opened the Children’s Home in April 1996 for 150 children in need of care.

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